Good Vibe Bags – Large


Sold By: Windy O'Connor Art and Home


The prettiest up-cycle you ever did see!

We go through a lot of fabric here, meaning we create a ton of textile waste. The average American disposes of 70 pounds of textiles per year, accounting for up to 15% of national landfill space. This number is only growing.

To do our part to reduce that statistic, WOAH takes our leftover velvet to our local seamstress to create these beautiful “Good Vibes” bags give you a good feeling about your day and the planet. We also donate our linen and sateen to local quilters and to Bududa Vocational Academy, an organization that teaches women and girls in Uganda marketable skills to start their own small business or how to compete in male dominated fields.

Shop local, shop sustainable, shop smart. 10% of proceeds from each bag sold goes to Bududa Vocational Academy to sponsor merit scholarships.

Measurements: 11″ x 7″ tall

Additional information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 11 × 0.5 × 17 in