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we’re modernizing tea time with our super tasty, exclusive blend that supports detoxification for well-from-within skin.

did you know? detoxification is about more than just eliminating toxins, the process works hand-in-hand with our liver, which functions to support digestion, hormonal balance, and skin health, just to name a few.

flavor profile:

papaya, berries, and cinnamon+
adds a subtle, happy taste to this already delish’ blend

hand-blended using:

red clover+
supports purification by eliminating toxins

helps to reduce irritation on the skin

dandelion+^ n’ vitex+
holistic herbals for calming hormonal acne

supports inner wellness which may decongest skin

+organic ingredient
^locally sourced

what’s it good for? 

unwinding at the end of the day, nourishing the hair, skin, and nails from within.

how to love it?

shake to evenly distribute herbs, fill up provided wood-pulp tea bag, steep in hot water for 10-15 minutes, add stevia or lemon to taste. repeat 2-3x a week, especially during a breakout*.

1 month supply includes (10) wood-pulp tea bags

what the community (co.) thinks:

“Balanced Beauty is good for the mind, body AND soul! The flavors in this delicious blend are invigorating yet soothing. I am looking forward to seeing the benefits continue from the inside out!”

Additional information

Weight 10 oz

1 month supply (35ml) + 10 wood-pulp tea bags